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Community Snapshot: After School Gardening in Caretta

Submitted by Dyanne Spriggs 

CARETTA, WV – The kids in Big Creek People in Action’s afterschool program in Caretta grew their own garden this summer. Some of the children had previous experience with a garden, but many of them had never dug in the dirt, planted seeds, and watched the miracle of food growing.  

This is part of the “Be Healthy” project sponsored by WVU Extension Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that promotes improved access to healthy foods and increased physical activity levels. The vegetables that are being harvested by the students are used in their after school meals as well as distributed to the parents and community.

The after school students also participated in daily exercise, nutrition education, as well as working in their garden. This project was beneficial because the kids learned about responsibility, to eat healthy foods, to work with others toward a common goal, and that growing your own vegetables is food for both mind and body.