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Mayor Race in Bradshaw Comes to an End

By Derek Tyson, WN Editor

BRADSHAW, WV – After a long road of twists and turns, the race for Mayor of Bradshaw has come to an end. 

Brian Harrison won with 65 votes against Ervin Horn’s 43. Three provisional ballots were received during the election, but three isn’t enough to change the outcome. 

“Bradshaw is that small town where everyone does know everybody and I love it just for that,” said Harrison after the results were posted. “I’m very relieved with the results of course, but I was also happy to see such a great voter turn out.” 

Town Council members Dale Collins and Breansown Estep were relieved the election was settled last night. 

“We’re glad it’s over,” said Collins. “It was run above-board because we had Lee Dean here. Now we have a true winner so we can get on with town business.”

“Things can go on as normal now,” said Estep. 

Lee Dean, field representative for the Secretary of State’s Office, spent his birthday overseeing the election process. To his surprise, he was met with birthday cake. 

“It looked like a church homecoming in there they had so much food,” said Dean. 

Aside from the birthday treat, Dean said it was a great day with an amazing turnout. 

“More people voted in this election than the June 11th election that had mayor, city council and recorder on the ballot,” said Dean. “When you see that great voter turnout, it means they care and they have options.”

According to Dean, at least a dozen voters said it was their first time voting while some hadn’t voted since John F. Kennedy ran for office.  

After the twists and turns of the Mayor’s race, Dean oversaw last night’s vote tallying, saying the poll workers were all top shelf. 

“Everything was by the book today,” said Dean. “We’re fully confident that nobody voted in this election that lived outside of city limits. I hope that gives both candidates, whether they won or lost, closure to know that everybody was in the poll book, everybody lived within city limits, the counts were accurate. There’s only three provisional ballots so not enough to sway anything.”

The unofficial results will be canvassed next Monday.