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Retirement Celebration Held for Deputy Timothy Vineyard

By Derek Tyson

The Welch News Editor

WELCH, WV – After announcing his retirement earlier this month, Deputy Timothy Vineyard was honored on Friday at the Sheriff’s Office for his years of service to McDowell County. 

“A lot of work has gone into this. We wanted to do something special for Tim. He put in many years for the County, serving as our Chief Bailiff. The Judges have bragged on him and they haven’t fined me since he’s been the bailiff,” said Sheriff Martin West with a laugh. 

‘This is in celebration of his retirement. He’s done much work as a Bailiff and as a Deputy. He’s served me well as Sheriff, with just a few run ins, now smoothed out,” said West. 

To commemorate the many accomplishments and service, Vineyard was presented a plaque resembling the American flag bearing his name. 

“Boomer has also been working on acquiring his revolver,” said West. “It’s a normal procedure that a retiring Deputy gets to keep his revolver.”

Upon hearing of Vineyard’s retirement, Chief Deputy James “Boomer” Muncy approached the County Commission to approve the purchase of Vineyard’s pistol earlier this month. 

“It’s been taken care of and Boomer has been in charge of that effort as we used the money we collect from gun safety classes to purchase it,” said West. 

West reminisced about the families that have come to visit the Sheriff’s Office. 

“We’ve had families that come in and they want me to pray for blessings upon their children,” said West. “But they always want Tim to discipline the kids.”

“Would you like to say anything Tim,” asked West.

“You said it all sir,” said Vineyard. 

Afterwards, a dinner was held in celebration of Vineyard’s career, attended by most Deputies, County Officials, friends and family.