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Black Diamond Boxing Club Continues Creating Champions

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

WELCH, WV – The Black Diamond Boxing Club is proud to announce two members being named Champions, on the State and Regional levels. 

Zack Kuhn recently broke a dry spell for the Appalachian Boxing Association Northwest Regional Title against opponent Donny Miller. 

“It was a good way to get back on my feet,” said Zack. “I had taken 3 losses in a row and here was a good fight at home, or at least in my home state.” 

With a knockout, Kuhn broke the spell and looks to continue adding to his list of winning matches, now 10 in total. 

“With 10 wins, more fights will come,” said Zack. “Bigger and better opportunities.” 

Black Diamond Coach Jonathan Kuhn said he was extremely pleased with the performance he was able to give. 

“He really trained hard for this fight and did what he was supposed to do,” said Kuhn. “Winning that title is a nice gem locally, but on the national scale we’ve still got a ways to go. But with a win like this, it gives us momentum. We’ll be watching for the right kind of fights and try to step into bigger money, bigger names.”

“I’ve been working hard and I hope people keep their eye out for me because I plan to make something of it,” said Zack. 

Zack also said he was excited to bring a belt home for the other boxers in the club to see, hoping it spurred them to chase after their own title someday. 

One of those young boxers is Jonathan Gregg, now the State Silver Gloves Champion. With only a year of boxing under his belt, Gregg looks forward to testing his skills in a regional tournament that will be held in Wilmington, NC on January 16th through the 18th. 

“There will be a lot of people there and I’m excited to test my skill, see how I stack up against the others,” said Gregg. 

Coach Kuhn said Gregg learned under fire. 

“His first fight, he went out there and it seemed like he forgot everything I taught him,” said Kuhn. “I jumped on him pretty hard between rounds, telling him there’s a beast in there, you’ve just got to let him out.” 

“The way for me to do it is crying, it helps a lot,” said Gregg, who after a few tears saw the fight change its course. 

Coach Kuhn said it was amazing to see Gregg find his confidence in the ring. 

“He went back out for the second round and won bigger than he lost in the first round,” said Kuhn. “By the third round, the referee was stepping in because Jonathan just ate him up.” 

That was Gregg’s first and only fight so far. Even being named the Silver Gloves Champion was a little bittersweet for the young boxer because his opponent declined the fight. 

Gregg looks forward to proving himself, but is happy to be a part of over a dozen Black Diamond Boxing Club members to be named State Champion. 

“He’s working hard,” said Zack Kuhn. “As long as he keeps at it, he’s going to do good.” 

Jonathan Gregg is the son of Crystal and Michael Gregg and brother of Katelyn Hale. He turned 14 yesterday, December 19th.