Robertson Wins PowerPoints End-of-Contest Sweepstakes

WELCH – Shown above is The Welch News’ PowerPoints Football Contest End-of -Contest Sweepstakes winner of a $50 Goodson’s gift card, Howard Robertson of Northfork, WV. By way of random selection generation software and not of the point system used to determine winners in PowerPoints, out of nearly 500 individual entries throughout the 17 week contest, number 65 was selected – the pre-assigned number of Robertson’s entry form.

In Power Points, the object of the game is to accumulate as many of the 136 possible points each week as you can. Contestants select winners and plot them along a weighted point scale according to their confidence in them. Your highest confidence pick goes on the 16 point line; your lowest confidence pick goes on the 1 point line. Also, don’t forget to select your tiebreakers. The contestant from across all participating newspapers who tallies the most of the 136 possible points – or who survives any needed Tie-Breaker procedure – will win the Grand Prize of either $1,000 or $500 depending on whether he/she has recorded a perfect score, including Tie-Breakers. The local contestant who tallies the most of the 136 points, and any needed tie-breakers, is the local winner of the $50 Goodson’s gift card. The contest is now closed for the season, but be sure to check back in Fall of 2020 in The Welch News publication for Season 8. (Staff Submitted Photo)