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Awards Ceremony Held at Tuesday’s Board of Education Meeting, 1/21/20

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

WELCH – Yesterday’s McDowell County Board of Education meeting began with an award ceremony. 

The McDowell County Career and Technology Center recently received Accreditation from the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education that met on November 12, 2019. 

“I just want to reiterate how much work they did to get this done,” said Superintendent Carolyn Falin. . 

Frances Bivens and Kimberly Hagerman of the CTC were recognized. 

BETA Club Convention Winners

“We had a lot of awards won and wanted to recognize them here tonight,” said Falin about the 2019 State BETA Club Convention. 

Fall River Elementary BETA Club brought home two awards. Colby Ratliff, won 2nd place in Social Studies while Addison Dotson, won 3rd place in Painting with a dream catcher piece. 

Mount View High School’s BETA Club had seven members return to school with awards from the Convention. 

Madison Wagoner won 1st Place in Jewelry and 3rd place for On-Site Drawing, Division 2. Jacob Hall received 2nd place in 9th grade Social Studies. Haley Rhodes won 1st place in 9th grade math. Taylor Mitchem took 1st place in On-site Drawing, Division 1. Meredith Miller won 1st place in Car Photography. Dalton Powell came in second in 9th Grade Science. Miranda Osborne was awarded 2nd place for Performing Arts. 

Mount View Middle School had 8 BETA Club members place during Convention competitions. 

Gabe Dudgeon, won 1st place in 8th grade Social Studies. Jacob Waldron won 1st place in 7th grade Science. Elijah England brought home 3rd place for 6th grade Speech. Sophia Glass was awarded 3rd place in 6th grade Language Arts. Coming in 3rd for 6th grade Math was Isaac Fowler. James Gianato, Jacob Waldron, Janelle Scott and Travis Foote came in 3rd place in the Quiz Bowl Team Competition. 

The 2019 Spelling Bee winners were also recognized at Tuesday’s meeting. Isaac Fowler of Mount View Middle School won, receiving his third win. Runner up was Braylen Shrader Delling and Alternate Holly Hicks of Welch Elemetary. 

Following the Awards ceremony, the Regular Meeting continued. No new Board Reports were made due to scheduling conflict for the SESC Meeting, said Mike Callaway, with the meeting being moved to February. 

Appointment of Board Members to serve on the Calendar Committee was also on the agenda. Mike Mitchem recommended David Williams and Mike Callaway to reprise their roles on the Committee. It was approved. 

Carolyn Falin gave her Superintendent’s Update, starting with a remind about the upcoming Science Fair, scheduled for January 30th at the former Armory in Welch. 

“By the end of the week, we should have some Initial blueprint drawings for the building at Mount View, for the Board office and the field houses,” said Falin. “If it is, I’ll attach it to the agenda. We should have some estimation of cost by then as well.”

“Any update on Northfork,” asked David Williams. 

“The contract has been sent to them. Once we get it back, we’ll bring it before the Board. Demolition should start soon after as planned. 

Anawalt Elementary is still up for bid, with maybe one interested party, but no bids had been accepted as of this meeting. 

The next McDowell County Board of Education regular meeting will be held on February 3rd at 4:30 p.m. at the Phoenix Center in Welch.