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The Welch News Now Available Online

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor 

As nearly a century has gone by, The Welch News has been right here, growing alongside the people of McDowell County. Now we can go where we’ve never gone before, anywhere you take us. 

With our new website, welchnews.com, you can stay up to date with local McDowell County news wherever you may find yourself. 

We’ve always been there, when grandpa delivered the paper as a boy on foot. When he and grandma got married. 

We’ve kept up with the family trees for generations, through birth announcements, birthdays, honor roll, spelling bee, sports and graduations and more. 

Because of the support of our community for almost 100 years, we’re proud to go with you where life leads while keeping you up to date with what’s going on back home. 

We’ve been a classic, handcrafted publication with a little love in each drop of ink, now we’re ready to share that love with the world. 

Thank you all for letting us be a part of your lives, subscribe today and let us walk in to the future together.