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Town of Kimball Receives Truck from Appalachian Power

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

KIMBALL, WV – At the end of November, the Town of Kimball received a pickup truck donated by Appalachian Power. 

Mayor Adam Gianato reached out to Appalachian Power, showing the need of the Town of Kimball for a vehicle. 

“Ronn Robinson called me back, saying he had an old pickup truck,” said Gianato. “But he called the next day, saying the truck is gone, but he had another one with an extended cab in better shape.”

Gianato paid a visit to look at the vehicle and left with the expectation of 6 months of waiting for the process to go through. 

“They thought it would take 6 months, but within a month, Ronn called saying the title was in hand and ready for pickup.”