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Parking, Building Code Enforcement and Medical Marijuana Discussed at Welch City Council Meeting, 2/3/20

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

WELCH, WV – During invoice review at the City of Welch’s Regular City Council meeting, the Council was moved to applause.

“We made money on the Caffrey Center during the month of December,” said Councilman Jim Spence. 

“Jason and Kierston have been trying to help Ann vigorously with that,” said Mayor Harold McBride. “We had a meeting the other day where I suggested setting up a calendar because Jason knows a lot of people. We set up a calendar we can all access so there’s no conflict when booking.”

Parking at the Jack Caffrey Arts and Cultural Center continues to be an issue as the City awaits a donated bus to use a shuttle during events. 

Parking on the left side of Wyoming Street just past the Center is also creating an issue for large trucks, according to Mayor McBride. 

“When vehicles park there, those trucks can’t get around the corner,” said McBride.

“It is a problem,” said Councilman Mike Day. 

“We’re going to stripe it and see what we can do about it,” said McBride.

Parking changes are in the new future, according to McBride, saying new 30-minute parking signs were ordered for parking in front of the McDowell County Courthouse. 

“We’ve got to be friendly to the people that come into town,” said Councilman Steve Ford. “Now people going to the Courthouse won’t have to walk ten miles to get there.”

Building Code Enforcement

At a recent meeting hosted by the City of Welch, property owners primarily on McDowell Street were invited to the McDowell Public Library to discuss ideas for downtown as well as to receive notice of upcoming building code enforcement. 

“The Building meeting went really well,” said Mayor McBride. “But we’re getting ready to send out letters to follow up now to see what everyone has in mind, how and what they plan to do with their buildings.”

Vehicles without a tag will also be subject to the new ordinance enforcement, according to Mayor McBride. 

“We’ll get that started to get some of these old cars cleaned up off the streets,” said McBride. 

Medical Marijuana Resolution

One of the last action items for the Council was to consider adopting a Medical Marijuana resolution for the City. 

Mike Day motioned to approve and Kathy Gentry seconded. Steve Ford chose to abstain from the vote. 

“There’s some doctors that are interested in coming and doing a Medical Marijuana project,” said MCBride. “As long as its medical, I don’t have a problem with it.”