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Correctional Peace Officers Foundation Donates Funds to Replace Flood Damaged Goods

Sergeant Kenneth Tiller is pictured above accepting a donation from the Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation for the State of West Virginia, alongside McDowell County Commission President Cecil Patterson and Stevens Correctional Center Superintendent R.S. “Scott” Mutter. 

The donation was awarded to Sergeant Kenneth Tiller and his wife after the recent flooding destroyed most of the food, freezer, tools and gifts used to encouraged the families and children in the community of Bartley, West Virginia at their annual Atwell Children’s Day. 

The donation came from the CPO Foundation headquartered in Sacramento, California through the State of West Virginia’s Catastrophic Coodinator, Stephanie Barone and the CPO Foundation Field Representative, Ray Wagoner. Additionally, Spencer Hill, Senior Corrections Program specialist was extremely instrumental in coordinated this award. 

Membership support allows the CPO Foundation to continue to provide monetary assistance to correctional staff suffering financial hardship as a result of a catastrophic event.