McDowell Public Library Honor Donation List

The following donations were recently made to the McDowell Public Library.  Honors are listed with honoree first, donor, followed by name of book:

CAFFREY, PATRICIA–Donna Morgan–“The Cliff House” By RaeAnne Thayne

HICKS, ALEXANDER–Jane Hicks–“The Spooky Express West Virginia” By Eric James

HICKS, ALEXANDER–Jane Hick–“Snow Letter Left Behind” By Keely Chace

HICKS, ALEXANDER & ZACHARY—Jane Hicks–“Peanuts: Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You!” By Charles M. Schulz & “Wheels on the Bus” By Gabriele Antoni

HICKS, ZACHARY–Jane Hick–“Bigsby’s Big News” By Jake Gahr

HICKS, ZACHARY–Jane Hicks–“Gilbert The Great” By Jane Clark & Charles Fuge

MCDOWELL WOMAN’S CLUB–Patricia McGraw–“Home Fires Burning” By Elizabeth Adams, “Secrets Plain and Simple” By Elizabeth Ludwig, “Quilt By Association” By Nancy Mehl, “Homespun Suspicions” By Olivia Newport, “Water Flows Uphill” By Deanna Julie Dodson, “Catch Of The Day” By Ruth Logan Herne, “Beyond The Sea” By Janice Thompson, “Wider Than The Ocean” By Beth Adams

MCDOWELL WOMAN’S CLUB–Patricia McGraw–“Family Secrets” By Becky Melby, “River Of Life” By Kathleen Y’Barbo, “All That Remains” By Tracey Bateman, “Greater Than Gold” By Roseanna White

MORGAN, DONNA–Patricia Caffrey–“Miss Julia Takes The Wheel” By Ann B. Ross

VEGA, DAVID–Charles T. (Butch) Moore–“100,000 Hearts” By Denton Cooley

WELCH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1952–Barrett Shrout–“Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage” By Sherry Sontag