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Clarification: No Contract Between City of Welch and County Commission at Armory

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

In an article printed in The Welch News on Wednesday, City of Welch Mayor Harold McBride was quoted as having spoken with County Commissioners about a partnership involving the former Welch National Guard Armory. 

County Commissioner Michael Brooks said he had not spoken about the project with Mayor McBride and that Commissioners Cecil Patterson and Cody Estep were not aware of any contract. 

Mayor McBride called The Welch News to confirm that no contract had been made. 

“That was what we were planning to do,” said McBride. “But no contract was voted on by either side, we were just hoping to begin preliminary discussion soon. We were hoping to provide a great service to McDowell County by partnering with the County Commission on this project.” 

“I certainly had not spoken with him about this,” said Brooks. “Everything I do is for the betterment of the people of the County. I know there are plenty of places the need help in this County, not just Welch. Why not help War with the Big Creek gym or Bradshaw’s Community Center?”