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McDowell County Declares State of Emergency, Shares Current Staffing Plan

WELCH, WV – On Friday, March 20th, 2020, the McDowell County Commission declared a State of Emergency due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, stating the McDowell County Emergency Operations Center will fully support the efforts of all Medical Healthcare Facilities and Emergency Response Agencies. 

It is the goal of the McDowell County Commission to take all possible measures to protect the staff and public during this unwanted time. To accomplish this goal, we are establishing the following guidelines: 

The Courthouse and other County Offices will be open to the Public for Emergencies Only from 10 a.m until 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some offices will be working with limited staff. Please call before visiting to determine if you can conduct business over the phone. 

At the side entrance of the Courthouse there will be drop boxes for each office in which the public may leave any paperwork such as a filing, taxes, assessment form, etc. in the appropriate office box. These boxes will be checked periodically throughout each day. 

The County Commission also asks the public to please not enter if displaying any symptoms of influenza or COVID-19 (coronavirus) such as fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath. 

Listed below are the duties of each office and the phone numbers the public can call before entering: 

County Clerk’s Office – (304) 436-8544; Payroll, Accounting, Recordings, Minutes of meetings, probate procedures, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, DD214, marriage license, hunting/fishing license, voter’s registration, and elections. This office will be working with at least two people in office at all times and will only be allowing emergency filings. 

McDowell County Commission Office – 304-436-8548 or 304-436-8549; All County Management, including but not limited to maintaining county property and buildings, budget and other fiscal affairs, approving county purchases & issuing purchase orders, oversight of repairs of county vehicles, and assisting the public. Office staff will be rotating in shifts when possible, however the maintenance and cleaning personnel will need to work without rotation to ensure the buildings are cleaned before County Offices open. 

Addressing/Mapping employee located at the 911 Center Building will work the same revised schedule as other Commission employees but will not be rotating. 

Tax Office – 304-436-8538; Taxes, DMV Decals, and Tax receipts. Tax receipts can be printed online at www.wvpropertytaxes.com. There will be two employees on staff at all times. 

Home Confinement – 304-436-9010; This officer is on call all the time and is able to work from home. If she is needed to come in to set up a new case for home confinement, she will be able to come in for that. 

Sheriff’s Office – 304-436-8523l This office will continue working, answering 911 calls, mental petitions, serving papers, working vehicle accidents, etc. To restrict exposure during this coronavirus emergency, Deputies will reduce their exposure to the public by limiting traffic stops or unnecessary contact with the public. This office will be open to the public to take intake complaints or concealed weapon permits, fingerprints, etc. 

Prosecuting Attorney’s Office – 304-436-8551; Work will all Courts and Law Enforcement Agencies. The Attorneys will be alternating days with each other, having one attorney at all times and the secretaries will also be rotating days with each other, but two will be working at all times. 

Assessor’s Office – 304-436-8528 for Personal Property Division and 304-436-8504 for Real Estate Division; Land and Personal Property Appraisements, and Bonds. Two employees will be working in the real estate department each day and two will be working in the personal property division each day. 

Alternative Sentencing – 304-436-9012; Drugs screens, work with participants through a number of programs, Render Services to SAFE, etc. Drug Screens for DHHR will only be performed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The number of days Alternative Sentencing participants will be required to report will be reduced to one day, Thursday, phone contact can be done any other times necessary. Services being rendered at SAFE will be suspended until further notice and Drug Court participants will be reduced to 4 days a week to 2 days a week being Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Circuit Clerk’s Office – 304-436-8533; Works with both Judges and Courts; Deals with all Court papers; Full staff will work but will only accept Emergency Only Filings. 

Steven’s Correctional Office – 304-436-5420; Houses State Inmates; No visitation, temperature is checked on everyone (inmates and employees) upon entrance. No transports unless security or medical issues and that has to be cleared through the Assistant Commissioner. No volunteers allowed, if inmates have doctor’s appointments they are screened upon exiting and entering the facility, and each transport vehicle has a cleaning kit containing a bleach cleaner and is cleaned immediately after each use. 

McDowell County Holding Unit – 304-436-2749; Houses county inmates for up to 72 hours and also escort to arraignments and court appearances. There are always two employees on staff. Each employee and inmate are screened upon entrance, screening tool is made of three questions, and a body temperature is taken. No entrance is allowed if temperature is over 100.4. 

Also, the Superior Gym is closed until further notice. Please be advised this can change at any time.