Opinion: A Mayor Braces for the Month of April Amidst COVID-19

A message from Brian Harrison, Mayor of the Town of Bradshaw:

Our Town is really worried about the month of April. We see Our Town, Community, County, and “neighboring counties” as A TINDERBOX.

In our Community, most people, businesses, and definitely all the Churches have really stepped up and been very proactive! We have people following the guidelines to an extreme “T”. They only go out if it is absolutely necessary. Some have not left their homes in a week and a few, in WEEKS! They are really feeling cabin fever.

On the opposite side, Some people we’ve talked to think its not going to “get to us” and “get in here”. Many of the younger crowd think they are bulletproof. We see the crowds at businesses. People crowding each other, not standing back giving other customers a wide path as they pass, parking lots with people just hanging out.

Speaking for myself, I go out and about when I need to and when I want to just to get out. I’ve went for a drive or 3. I stop and talk to people. I try to maintain 6ft distance & I hope I stay far enough away. When I’m in a store I use hand sanitizer before I go in and when I come out. I don’t try to waste it. You’ll definitely know your lips are chapped if you touch them with hand sanitizer.

I’m the person in the middle. I’m middle age, I’ve been lucky so far. I think I’m taking precautions but I’m not sure. I’ll probably end up with it, I have that kind of luck.

The First of the Month is always a busy time. People will be traveling to areas that have confirmed positive cases. If you’re at a store, at an appointment, out in public, Think of what you touch, Don’t Invade other peeps’ “BUBBLE” while shopping, Don’t crowd other people.. Plainly and Simply…

When you see family, friends, or a neighbor take the time to talk BUT DON’T “INVADE THEIR BUBBLE”.

Our Health System is not designed to handle a huge number of patients at once. We don’t think “Flattening The Curve” is about IF you get Covid-19, it’s about “Flattening The Curve” for WHEN you get it our health system is not overwhelmed and does not have to choose who gets treatment.

Please pray, please respect other people’s “bubble”. We’ve thought a lot on this. We are worried about all of us.

Everyone Please Pray for our Towns, Communities, County. Pray for the “Front Line”. April is going to be a hard month.