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MCS Student Art Exhibit Cancelled, But Student Artwork Still Featured in Street Side Display

WELCH, WV – With the novel coronavirus putting most things on hold, the Jack Caffrey Arts and Cultural Center had to postpone all planned events, including an exhibit featuring the talent of student artists across McDowell County.
“Since its inception, the Jack Caffrey Arts and Cultural Center’s mission statement has been: Remembering Our Past, Reawakening Our Heritage and Reimagining Our Future Through Arts and Education,” said JCACC Director Ann Turley. “The Center was striving to fulfill the mission during its first year of operation. However, the pandemic collided with the opening of its first annual McDowell County Schools’ Student Art Exhibit.”
The plans that were begun in December 2019 with the help of our county’s art teachers and the administration at the McDowell County Board of Education Office came to fruition about the same time the center had to close to the public.
The artwork is still on display and has been organized so that it can be viewed from the street. The street side exhibit is only a fraction of the art produced by our students due to limited space so it required a sample from each school be chosen.
“Please drive by (slowly of course) or take a short walk and get a closer look,” said Turley.
The following schools are represented by these students:
Bradshaw Elementary – Gunner Baker, Keira Stacey, Alexis Harrison, Eli Harrison, Isabella Justus, Peyton Shelton, Shaila Hagerman, Kyla Vanover, Melissa Dawson, Kylie Wheeler, Shaley Coleman, Brayden Kennedy, Sarah Hankins, Julie Stutso, and Kammi Kennedy.
Fall River Elementary – Colton Riggs, Ethan Riggs, Bella Cook, Addison Dotson, Aaron Barber, Maddex W., Hailey Cook, Taylor Tessner, Levi Sturgell and Baleigh Robinette.
Mount View Middle and High School – Hariyalla Gibba, Franki Shumate, Chloe Carter, Jaelyn Luster, Nevi Goode, Phoebe Dudgeon, K. Lucas, Ethan C., Abbie Delp, Kiersten Brown, Kimberlynn Ford, Haleigh Burkett, Yasmin Vineyard, Taylor (?), and Madison Wagner.
Southside K-8 – Michael Johnson, Sabrina Quesenberry, Jon Mounts, Penelope Lambert, Kayden Marek, Ali Short, Cameron Owens, Jaytex Hatfield, Brandon Barton, Alyson Muncy, Haley Barrett, Juli McGuire, Hayleigh Gendive, Derrick Barnett, Chelsea Muncy, Sairuh Keith, Charity Starr, and Jayanna Ferguson. Special thanks to those tasked in choosing the samples to come to the JCACC: Donald Reed, Sheila Muncy, Jim Sizemore, Debbie King, Tom Acosta and Daniel Phillips.