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Northfork Town Workers Honored for Emergency Response

By Gary Dove, For The Welch News

NORTHFORK – Town of Northfork employees Doreen Christian, Joe Gadberry Jr. and
Larry Porterfield were named in a Resolution honoring them for their responses to a
medical emergency on March 16, 2020 in the municipality.

The Resolution by the Mayor and Town Council was presented to each of the three
In recognition of their heroic efforts that day.
The Resolution read:

Whereas, Ms. Doreen Christian, Joe Gadberry and Larry Porterfield are and have been
dedicated and respected employees of the Town of Northfork, County of McDowell,
State of West Virginia;

Whereas on Monday, March 16, 2020, due to their keen observation and diligence,
a young man in a dire medical emergency on Main Street received the treatment
and attention which could possibly have saved his life, now, therefore, be it
Resolved, that the Town of Northfork honors Ms. Christian, Mr. Gadberry and Mr. Porterfield with this Resolution; Congratulates and applauds their quick thinking and response to the critical situation.

With most sincere congratulations, the Mayor and Council for the Town of
Northfork, WV

The Resolution was signed by the Mayor Carol Sizemore and Council Members Mike Capparelli, Latonia Foster, Francine Spencer and Robert White and a copy was presented to each honoree.