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Northfork High School Demolition Underway

The demolition of Northfork High School started Monday morning, May 11, 2020.  First to go was the gymnasium, as shown in these two photos.  

The school, closed in 2002 while serving as a Middle School, has fallen into disrepair and is being torn down by SAFECO, a company hired by the McDowell County Board of Education, the building’s owner.

The original part of the building opened in 1914, with the gym having been constructed during the 1939-40 era.  An addition to the school near where the Tug River Health Clinic now operates was built onto the original building at a later date.
The first part to be demolished is the gym, where the Blue Demon basketball teams played, winning ten boys and three girls’ state basketball championships in the 1970s and 1980s, including a National Record eight consecutive boys’ state titles from 1974 through 1981.  (Photos by Gary Dove)