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McDowell County Awarded Federal Emergency Management Agency Funds

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in the process of allocating funds to McDowell County to supplement food and shelter programs. The amount for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) allocation is $8,819.00. McDowell County was also selected to receive an award under the CARES Act for Coronavirus aid, relief and economic security in the amount of $12,573.00. This legislation was passed for assistance to any agency providing food and shelter for eligible individuals and families in McDowell County.

The McDowell County Jurisdiction’s award is based upon the total number of unemployed as compared to the total number of unemployed in all qualifying jurisdictions. The local board is charged with distributing funds to help expand the capacity of food and shelter programs around the County for those in need.

The local board is made up of representatives from local charities with the Council of the Southern Mountains serving as the administrative agency. This board determines how the funds are awarded to local service organizations. Under the terms of the grant, local agencies selected to receive funds must have a nonprofit status or be units of government. These entities must practice nondiscrimination through a volunteer Board of Directors and have a demonstrated capacity to fulfill the requirements of the grant.

The McDowell County Board has distributed funds previously to: S.A.F.E., Catholic Charities and the Council of the Southern Mountains for meals, lodging and utility assistance to qualified low-income recipients. The service cannot be duplicated.

Any nonprofit, faith-based or local government agency that provides food and shelter services may apply for funds in both phases. Current or former EFSP participation is not a requirement. Each Phase/Fiscal Year is considered new and funding to agencies is not guaranteed. Public or private organizations providing food and shelter services in McDowell County interested in apply for FEMA program funds must contact Latonia Foster or Randal Johnson at the Council of the Southern Mountains for an application or more information at (304) 436-6800 by May 22, 2020.