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Gary Police Chief Advises Residents toTake Advantage of Free Dump Day Before June 1st Litter Enforcement

GARY, WV – Gary City Police Chief S. P. “Pat” McKinney is advising residents in the Gary area to take advantage of free dump day this Friday before a strong Litter enforcement effort starts June 1.

“The Mayor and Council have instructed me to start aggressive enforcement of Litter codes June 1st, so haul off as much as you can Friday,” said McKinney.

McKinney indicates he will be seeking the assistance of the Solid Waste Authority and Department of Natural Resources Police in the effort.

McKinney says the first enforccment targets will be those maintainig large piles of trash and junk.

“These folks are not only not hauling trash off, they are hauling other people stuff in and piling it up,” McKinney said.

Next will be those who charge people to haul trash for pay and then dump the trash in illegal dumps or in hollows.

“We will identify these people and charge them with litter violations and fraud if they prey on good citizens trying to do the right thing,” said McKinney. “I recommend to everyone who hires someone to haul off stuff that they not pay until they receive a receipt from the landfill for the material and use licensed waste contractors when possible.”

McKinney says Gary recognizes the Coronavirus crisis has impaired some folks from trash removal.

“We will work with anyone making an honest effort,” said McKinney. “Our goal is to prosecute the gross violators not the average resident.”