Wendy Gallaher Attains Doctorate from Winston-Salem State University

By Gary Dove
For The Welch News

MOORESVILLE, NC – Wendy Gallaher has attained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Winston-Salem State University.
The new Dr. Gallaher is the daughter of Arble and Joyce Morgan, formerly of Ikes Fork and now she is married to Christopher Gallaher and they reside in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Following high school, Wendy earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Marshall University in Adult Exercise Physiology.
From there, she earned her Master’s in Physical Therapy from West Virginia University.
She graduated Magna Cum Laude in her studies for both degrees.
With those credentials, she worked as a Physical Therapist, first at Appalachian Regional Hospital in Beckley and more recently at Norvant Hospital in Huntersville, North Carolina.
Gallaher’s career progressed along with personal goals of becoming a foster parent and then adopting her daughter Brooke when she was only seven years old and prior to her marriage to Chris Gallaher, as well as relocating to North Carolina from West Virginia.
Add to that mix Brooke growing up and getting married and giving Wendy and Chris three young granddaughters and life didn’t move at a slow pace for the new Dr. Gallaher.
She spoke of going back to school to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy certification, “The program I completed through Winston-Salem State University is designed for clinicians who have already been licensed as a Physical Therapist and have a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Physical Therapy.”
The Doctorate degree has earned Summa Cum Laude designation for Wendy’s work.
She continued, “It’s not easy going back to school at 46 years old. I would encourage fellow seasoned PTs to complete the program.”
The new Dr. Gallaher said she decided on her future life’s work while in high school, “One deciding factor was I wanted to help people.”
Her parents, Arble and Joyce Morgan both taught at Iaeger High School after graduating from Concord College.
Wendy’s Dad taught Algebra and served as head basketball coach before he left teaching to go into the insurance business in 1980. Prior to that, he also was an assistant football and basketball coach for the Cubs.
Joyce taught English at Iaeger High School.
Remarked Dr. Gallaher’s Dad about her, “She has always been a hard worker and takes her job very seriously.”
He continued of his daughter, “We (Joyce and Arble) are so happy, blessed and beyond proud (of her accomplishments.)”
That same pride is readily evident of her parents for their love and devotion as well as to her daughter Brooke and her three precious granddaughters, who were lovingly mentioned time and again by Dr. Gallaher in an interview about her recent accomplishments.
Of her parents, Wendy said, “I’m proud of my West Virginia roots and am thankful for two wonderful parents who have always pushed me to work hard and who have always believed in and supported me.”
The new Dr. Gallaher concluded, “It wasn’t easy juggling full time employment, MaMaw duties and a Doctorate program, but the Lord gave me the strength and determination to do it all.”