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Highlights from Monday’s Board of Education Meeting

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

WELCH, WV – The McDowell County Board of Education met Monday, June 1st, 2020 for a regular Board of Education meeting.

During Board reports, Mike Callaway spoke about a recent SSEC meeting.

“One of the interesting items was using the SSEC as a purchasing agent for multiple county districts,” said Callaway in regards to acquiring PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for the upcoming school year.

“Everyone isn’t sure how much they need at this time,” said Falin. “Everyone gave preliminary amounts so we’re going to get some bids. With that many counties involved, we have to get a discounted rate for that stuff we’ll need to move forward into the next school year.”

Monday kicked off McDowell County Schools’ Summer Feeding Program as well. Each Monday, 5 multi-meal packs with breakfast and lunch will be available for pickup at Mount View and River View High Schools each Monday.

“Northfork (High School) is starting to come down,” said Superintendent Carolyn Falin during her update to the Board. “They started late so the deadline for finishing will be extended. They’re moving to the front part of the building now. From what I gather, that’s the easiest part to tear down and that will be taken care of.”

Falin also reported that registration for Pre-K and Kindergarten students was moving slowly.

“We’re not able to do the big gatherings and support we’ve done before so if you see any families, let them know to register online,” said Falin. “We want to get as many students as possible registered for Pre-K and Kindergarten.”

Registrations are also currently up for any seniors or other students in need of credit recovery during the summer.

“We’re also offering credit attainment throughout the summer,” said Falin.

Falin closed by wishing Board members running for re-election the best of luck, noting that the results would be known by the next BOE meeting.

The next McDowell County Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, June 15th, 2020.