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Tug River Health Association and God’s Grace Ministry Work Together to Feed Families Without Transportation

Tug River Health Association, Inc. staff has worked diligently during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist their community.  In addition to provide testing and treatment, the staff has answered many other needs in the area.
Heather Cox, Tug River Health Center’s Peer Recovery Coach, distributed food to patients’ families that did not have transportation to food distribution sites.   With the food donated through God’s Grace Ministry, she has distributed over 150 meal kits and over 100 bags of food.   Tony and Sandy Blankenship, through their ministry has assisted Heather with 15 large boxes of food. Heather Cox said, ” God’s Graces Ministry has helped our patients every in every way they can! From the food to clothing and furniture! They give to anyone and no one is turned away.”
Tug River Health Association, Inc. appreciates the dedication and commitment to our patients.   “Heather is just one example of the many ways we have assisted our community during this unsettling time,” said Tim Crofton, CEO.  Tug River has five locations throughout McDowell and Wyoming County and has been open to provide healthcare to patients, via tele-medicine or in-person, during the pandemic.