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West Virginia Energy Efficiency Impact Grant Seeking Applicants from Small Businesses

The West Virginia Office of Energy, in partnership with the Jackson County have launched the WV Energy Efficiency Impact Grant Program. Due to the recent economic strain felt by small businesses during the coronavirus, this micro-grant program is designed to assist small businesses throughout the state in making energy efficiency upgrades to their business.

Current funding allows for at least 12 micro-grants to be awarded, totalling no more than $3.000 each. Another round of funding for this program will be available on October 1, 2020. Funding for this program is provided by the U.S Department of Energy, thus, their guidelines and requirements must be observed. While this program is being administered by the Jackson County Development Authority on behalf of the West Virginia Office of Energy, all small businesses in West Virginia who meet the requirements are eligible to apply. 
Due to the stringent eligibility criteria and allowable uses for this grant, we are seeking the assistance of our local economic development Authorities to share this grant Information with small businesses who meet the requirements and would benefit most from this program. 
Applicants may request up to $3,000 in grant funds to be put toward the allowable energy efficiency upgrades per the U.S Department of Energy, as seen below. Again, funding is limited at this time and only twelves grants will be awarded in the first round of funding. A second round of funding will begin October 1. 2020. An application does not guarantee the business will receive the grant.
If a business is awarded the grant, funds must be spent within twelve months and receipts and reports must be provided to demonstrate the funds were used properly. Selected applicants must consent to a virtual/no-contact energy audit, via phone or video conference. See below for eligibility criteria and feel free to share with qualifying businesses. 
Allowable uses for the grant: 
• Installation of Insulation 
• Installation of energy efficient lighting 
• HVAC upgrades (to existing systems) Weather sealing Purchase and installation of ENERGY STAR appliances (includes but not limited to, furnaces and air conditioners)
Criteria for Eligible Businesses: 
• Must be a registered business in good standing with the State of West Virginia. 
• Have a physical establishment within the state. 
• Business must have been established on or before May 1, 2019 
• Have no more than 15 full-time employees (as of April 1, 2020): 
• Generate $1 million or less in profits in 2019. 
• Have no pre-existing tax liens or legal judgements
The following entities are NOT eligible: 
• Home-based businesses 
• Churches
• Non-profit organizations
• Banks & financial institutions
• Investment real-estate entities
• Government agencies