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Kimball To Start Trash Cleanup on Gary Model

Kimball Officials are starting a cleanup campaign this week based on Gary’s Model according to Kimball Police Chief S. P. “Pat” McKinney.

“I was eating a sandwich at Ya’sou and Mayor Gianato walked in carrying a copy of The Welch News. He laid it down and tapped the Gary litter story,” McKinney said. “Mayor Gianato asked, ‘Why aren’t we doing this?’ I answered ‘ Because you didn’t tell me to’. Gianato then told me to start Monday.”

So Kimball residents are being urged to take advantage of Free Dump Day on Friday, June 26 to haul off as much trash as they can.

McKinney indicated he and Solid Waste Authority Officer Wendell Hatfield will begin the first
of July inspecting for dump sites that need cleaned up and advising landowners to get it right in July to avoid citations in August. All citations are written to the McDowell County Magistrate Court and have jail time and a large fine attached to them.