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Gary Police Department Names Lifesaving Project After Former Gary Employee

GARY, W.Va. – The Gary Police Department has obtained funding for two automatic electronic defibrillators in the name of a former employee who died of Heart Disease.

“We were working on the Gary Police Memorial and Dolores Johnson said she wished we could do something for Kenny Hunley who died after having a heart attack in Gary’s shop,” said Gary Police Chief S.P. “Pat” McKinney. “And the Franklin McKinney Hunley Memorial AED project was born.”

McKinney had submitted a grant request to the Beckley Area Foundation for three automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and training for all city employees to use them.

“I was notified Tuesday night that we had been given funding for two,” said McKinney. “One will be assigned to the police cruiser and one on the new fire truck.”

McKinney said a plaque will be erected in City Hall to explain Kenny Hunley’s story.

“When you live in a county with only 6 assigned ambulances, you have to be prepared to prolong life until the ambulance gets there.”