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Gary to Soon Turn Attention to Abandoned Vehicles

GARY, W.Va. – In Gary’s City Council meeting Tuesday night, the discussion turned to abandoned vehicles.
“I advised them of the great progress we are making overall on trash and opened the subject of vehicles,” said Police Chief S.P. “Pat” McKinney. “When we make the August site inspections, we will red tag those vehicles violating state law. They will be impounded if not moved by the owner by the day prescribed on the red tag.”
Chapter 17 of the West Virginia State Code says vehicles cannot be parked touching the road or on the highway right-of-way. If such parking creates a hazard or if the vehicle is not legally registered and insured, as well as drivable.
“We are using all applicable state laws first so jail time is part of the penalties,” said McKinney. “Then we will look at fines and civil penalties through City ordinances.”