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Funding Secured and Gary Prepared to Receive New Water Pump

By Derek Tyson, The Welch News Editor

GARY, W.Va. – Officials in Gary have secured funding for a new water pump, but now they must wait until it arrives from Mississippi.

Donors from across the region have come to aid Gary residents, bringing everything from cases of bottled water to water tankers.

The pump drawing water to feed the water treatment plant at Gary seized up Tuesday morning and as a result the City cannot refill the storage tanks until a new pump arrives.

“The pump is in Olive Branch, Mississippi,” said Town Recorder Lawrence Barber in social media update yesterday. “The estimated time of arrival for the pump is Wednesday or Thursday but once it arrives, it would take approximately a day to install.”

On Friday, the McDowell County Commission held an emergency special meeting to approve the purchase of a water pump for Gary’s failing water system.

“You’ve got a couple or three pumps down, we’ll make a call after this meeting to see about finding funding for the other two,” said Commission President Cecil Patterson. “They’ve been down since you became Mayor right?”

“They were going down,” said Mayor of Gary Larry Hairston. “What I’m afraid of now, when we get that new pump put in there, We have two other pumps there at Grapevine, that run water to the plant. It’s going to put strain on the new one if we don’t get those in there.”

“How much are the other pumps that you’re going to have to replace,” asked Commissioner Michael Brooks.

“28,900,” said Hairston. “But if we take two at a time, they’ll let us have them for $50,000.”

“Now that’s for your well pump. You also have one in the building, I’ll use the word supply pump, that’s down also. How much were those,” asked Patterson.

“I believe that one was $20,000,” said Hairston. “I know the two at Grapevine would cost $50,000.”

The EDA and County Commission approved funding for the purchase of a new well pump. After Friday’s meeting, Commissioner Patterson asked Mayor Hairston to stay for a phone call to Jason Roberts of Region One Planning and Development Council, hoping to find emergency funding.

On Saturday, July 25th, Commissioner Patterson visited Gary with a large crane use to pull the old pump from the deep well, ensuring everything will be ready as soon as the new pump arrives.