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Gary Officials Express Concerns About Donation Fraud

GARY, W.Va. – The Gary City Council, meeting in regular session Tuesday night, expressed concerns about fraudulent requests for donations and aid during crisis and everyday life.

“They were reviewing the recent water crisis and the acts of some people allegedly using the city’s name to get monies and supplies without consulting the city became the main subject of discussion,” said Police Chief S. P. McKinney. “The Gary Community, area businesses, and other sections of government did so much to try and ease the situation and the council was very upset some people allegedly sought aid that weren’t connected to city and may have gotten aid that didn’t make it to the citizens.”

McKinney said anyone who is contacted and asked to donate cash, supplies, or services should contact Gary City Hall at 304-448-2209 and verify those asking are legitimate groups to avoid fraud. An ordinance is being drafted to require anyone selling door to door, soliciting funds, or in anyway contacting Gary citizens will be required to register with the city hall before going out in the community so it can be confirmed they are legitimate.

“Council was of one mind that, should my office identify anyone taking monies from the citizens of Gary or in the name of the City of Gary fraudulently, I am to work with the McDowell County Prosecuting Attorney and any other agency needed to prosecute them to the fullest,” said McKinney. “They are steadfast that no one use a time of tragedy for personal gain or worsen the effects of a crisis by defrauding the victims.”