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Scenes from Twin Branch Pentecostal Church’s Kids for Jesus Program

The Twin Branch Pentecostal Church in Twin Branch, WV offered the children a summer program entitled “Kids for Jesus,” under the leadership of Ms. Kathy Green.

The first program was held in the church park, thus giving the children ample space and fresh air for their programs.

The first program was titled “Fruits of the Spirit” and was taught by Ms. Green, who then led the children in song.

Following the lesson, Jessica Johnson then talked with the children concerning the works that you would do to serve the Lord and share with others the works of Jesus while he was on Earth.

Afterwards, the children enjoyed making crafts, the first being a wind sock and then a popsicle house with beautiful paint covered with glitter and stickers. The children loved doing things with their hands and helping their friends do theirs.

The second program was entitled “The Creation,” and how it took God six days of work to create the earth and the seventh day was set aside for resting. Following this lesson, Jessica Johnson talked to the children about the creation of the Rainbow and what it meant, asking the children to tell her the colors of the rainbow.

The third program was entitled, “The Ten Commandments” and this proved to be a very interesting program and a really great sharing time with the children.

“If you listen carefully, you can learn a lot from children, how they see and comprehend things,” said Chantal Johnson, teacher of the lesson.

Jessica Johnson provided a good illustration on “Miracles,” asking every child to recite one of the Ten Commandments and then sharing the beautiful miracles they had experienced in both their lives and their families’ lives.

Crafts were then enjoyed followed by Fun Bingo. Miss Katelynn Jordan was the “number caller” and enjoyed her time with the children. This session was held in the Annex because of rain, but the children were still able to play after the showers passed.
“They played in the Annex yard and blew bubbles,” said Katelynn Jordan. “Just being together during this difficult time was a great experience with much laughter heard by the “Kids for Jesus Helpers.”

On July 30th, the Bible lesson was taught by Jessica Johnson and was entitled “The Cross of Christ” and the two additional crosses. Each child was given a little white cross to add Biblical scriptures and magnets, making a gift to take home to their mothers.
The games were created by Kathy Green and proved to be a great success.

“The children just so enjoyed their time together and laughter was heard during every session,” said Green. “We felt privileged to be a part of this great program.”

Certificates and special gifts bags were given out following Church on Sunday. The teachers and helpers enjoyed their special time to express themselves and the scriptures along with the children.

Children attending included: Raychel Mullins, Madison Holbrook, Ashley Mitchem, Hailey Mitchem, Micah Craft, Makaylee Craft, Elijah Christian, Jace Carson Jordan, Summer Skye Jordan, Danica Robinette, and Baileigh Robinette.

Kid’s for Jesus Helpers were: Tish Walker, Shirley Hall, Jessica Johnson, Lisa Christian, Teresa Craft, Chantal Johnson, Lila Newcomb, Brenda F. Mullins, Miss Katelynn Jordan, Carol Reeves, and Miss Megan Newcomb.