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AMFM Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers Among First in WV to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Yesterday was referred to as V-Day, dubbed for Vaccination Day, for AMFM Nursing & Rehabilitation Center’s (N&RC) employees and patients, who will be among the first in West Virginia to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. More than 2,000 COVID-19 vaccines will arrive at AMFM nursing center’s for employees and patients.  

The AMFM leadership team worked with the State of West Virginia to request vaccines for more 2,000 employees and more than 1,200 patients statewide. AMFM decided not to use Walgreens or CVS as the administrator of the vaccine and opted to have it administered by their own in-house pharmacy.  

Shep Campbell, licensed pharmacist and Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Lifetree Pharmacy, took the helm of the major rollout of the vaccine by providing vaccine education via Zoom meetings to employees and in turn, information was shared with patients and family members.  

“This is an exciting day for our center employees and patients to be part of history – it’s light at the end of the tunnel. Our leadership team has worked closely with our centers to develop our vaccine distribution plan,” Campbell said. “We will offer vaccines to employees and patients at 16 centers today, and the remaining three when the second batch of vaccines arrive from the State. When the vaccine is available to me, my only question is which arm will I receive the vaccine in?”  

The 16 centers receiving the vaccine include:  
• Bridgeport Health Care Center  
• Cabell Health Care Center  
• Cameron Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Clarksburg Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• E. A. Hawse Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Greenbrier Health Care Center  
• Hillcrest Health Care Center  
• Lincoln Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• McDowell Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Mercer Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Pleasant Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Summers Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Taylor Health Care Center  
• Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Webster Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  
• Wyoming Nursing & Rehabilitation Center  

“This is a momentous day for our patients and employees and provides hope for ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a part of history and among the first in the US and West Virginia to receive the vaccine is remarkable. I am so thankful, but make no mistake, we will not let our guard down and will continue to wear face masks, social distance and follow the CDC’s guidelines closely. We are doing this for our patients, each other and our communities,” shared John Elliot, Owner of AMFM N&RC.