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Burglar Found Sleeping on the Job in Gary

GARY, W. Va. – A 70-year old Gary man was arrested overnight Monday after he was found sleeping in a house he had broken into earlier.

Vince Wolfe, Jr. of Gary was charged with Burglary and Felony Destruction of Property by Gary Police Chief S.P. “Pat” McKinney.

According to McKinney’s complaint, Wolfe was stealing lawnmower parts last summer from the same house and McKinney told Wolfe on behalf of the landowner to stay away from the residence.

McKinney received another complaint last week that the door to the residence was standing open. Upon arrival, McKinney found the residence had been destroyed causing over $2,500 dollars in damage to furniture and contents. Further, McKinney found evidence of someone living in the house including recent newspapers.

At about 1:30 a.m. Monday morning, McKinney and McDowell County Sheriff’s Deputy Dalton Martin entered the residence and found Wolfe asleep in an upstairs bedroom.

Wolfe was arraigned before McDowell County Magistrate Steve Cox who set a bond at twenty thousand dollars. Wolf is now in the Southwestern Regional jail near Logan.
An accomplice is also expected to be charged soon, according to McKinney.