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Gary Police Seek Public Help on Fraud Case

GARY, W.Va. – Gary City Police Chief S. P. “Pat” McKinney is seeking public help with a fraud case targeting the elderly in the area.

“We have two cases where a young man took payment for contract work and did not perform the work. In one case he did the work but it was piecemeal and the property owner had to pay twice the original price to get it repaired,” said McKinney.

McKinney indicates the male individual contacts people offering to do work and then gains their confidence. Then he takes an advance on labor or money to obtain materials and never returns to finish the job.

McKinney asks anyone who is a victim of such a scam to contact him at 304-448-2209.

“Really your best bet is a licensed contractor with a state and city business license, “ McKinney suggested to prevent cases of fraud.