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Naloxone Educational Workshop Coming to Northfork Next Week

NORTHFORK, W.Va. – South Central Educational Development, Inc. and Bennady’s Restaurant announced their sponsorship of the community based Project NEW (Naloxone Educational Workshop) in McDowell County.

Project “NEW” will teach community residents and resources how to Identify an Opioid Overdose and how to reverse the effects of an Opioid Overdose using Narcan and Naloxone. This workshop will be held in Northfork, WV on Friday, May 21st, 2021 at Bennady’s Restaurant, 33550 Coal Heritage Road from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

At the conclusion of the workshop participants will understand addictions, how Naloxone/Narcan works, how to identify an Opioid Overdose, how to respond to the overdose and how to administer Naloxone/Narcan.

“If you or someone you know uses Opioid based medications to control pain, if you know someone that abuses Opioid medications, or if you want to know more about Opioid Medications, this workshop is for you,” said program officials.

For more information, contact: South Central Educational Development, Inc., please call 304-325-6105 or email: [email protected] or [email protected].